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We conduct a variety of events and programs throughout the year as resources permit:

Black Lake Ice Fishing

Each winter we take a group of children to camp and fish on Black Lake. Children are supplied with everything they need to fish with experienced adults guiding them.

An Annual Fishing Derby is part of the fun, where the children are entered and eligible to compete with others for prizes. Everyone goes home with a gift and memories of the outdoors, warm fires, games and good meals. Read more.

Ice Fishing
Easter Egg Dyeing

Easter Egg-Coloring

All the supplies needed to dye and decorate eggs are provided to children as they spend a few hours at the Police Center in early Spring. Refreshments are served while they're busy being creative. Colorful baskets that have been filled with candy and other goodies are given to the kids as they leave this popular event.

Summer Fishing and Picnic

Officer Clarke's Black Lake camp is again the site for fishing in the summer. This time, children learn to fish in the warm season, and enjoy nature once more on a quiet, freshwater lake. Part of the fun is packing up food and supplies for a picnic, and enjoying outdoor recreation on and around the lake.


Police/Fire Picnic

Picnic with the Police and Fire Departments

Washington Square Park is the site for this Annual Event that takes place in the middle of the summer. Other members of the Community Policing and Traffic Divisions participate, providing displays and information on safety.

Members of the Fire Department and other city departments meet with the public, provide information and answer questions. Children are entertained by several outdoor shows, games, playground equipment and other services to make this a fun day for all. Volunteers grill and serve picnic fare and refreshments to the crowd that joins us.

Pumpking Picking & Carving

Every October, we take a group of children to a field and select a large variety of pumpkins to take back to the Police Center for the Carving Party. They're arranged on long tables with all the supplies needed to carve Jack-O-Lanterns when the children return for the party held a few days afterward at the Police Center, which is completely decked out for Halloween.

Food and refreshments are served, and everyone gets a goodie bag full of treats to take home with their Jack-O-Lantern, all ready for Halloween night.

Pumpkin Carving
Halloween Safety Center

Halloween Safety Center

The Northside Community Police Center is one of several sites open on Halloween where children and adults may stop in and have their candy inspected. Any candy deemed unsafe is replaced with a better treat. We serve refreshments and take the children's pictures.

Christmas Party

This popular event usually draws over 1,000 children and adults to the Police Center. Each child is registered in advance and is accompanied by an adult to the Center where they spend a few hours having fun in a safe setting with Police Officers and volunteers.

Age-appropriate gifts are hand selected for them, wrapped in advance by volunteers, and personally tagged with their name. When they arrive, they're checked in and escorted through the Center with their parent(s) where they receive their gifts, have their pictures taken with Santa, and enjoy food, refreshments and entertainment.

Christmas Party

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